About HealthyEatr

When HealthyEatr’s two co-founders Rina and George first met, they immediately hit it off through their common interests in food and health. They kept in touch and would meet up to explore new areas of London whilst discussing their thoughts, findings and difficulties. Their friendship quickly blossomed, but during their adventures they were often frustrated by the same thing – they found it difficult to find healthy places to eat.

Knowing that the growing community of health enthusiasts were or would soon be facing the same issue, they decided that they would provide a solution to this problem, and as a result, HealthyEatr was born.

HealthyEatr’s goal is to make healthy food more accessible. We want to provide you with our stories that have shown our founding team of HealthyEatrs the benefit of living and eating more healthily. In addition we want to share with you the teams varying perceptions of what healthy is.

Our aim is not to dictate to people what is healthy and what is not, but to allow new HealthyEatrs to discover what is right for them. We hold no judgment that one dietary pattern is better than another, only an understanding that it is better to be health conscious than not.

HealthyEatr is building a platform to enable people to find healthy places to eat, but for now, we hope you enjoy our message and get to understand why we are doing what we are doing.

Have a great day. Love the HealthyEatrs